Introducing Union

July 20th, 2024

Drum roll, please! I released a new pattern this week, Union Table Runner. Yep, something for the house or the picnic basket. This runner works well both indoors and out.


Backstory: I knit the red version of this pattern back in 2008. I just loved the way that the gold beads in the end sections became stars above the triangular Christmas trees. Somehow, the idea that this was just a holiday knit snuck into my head despite the fact that the runner adorned a side table all year round for (gasp!) 7 years. I was lamenting the fact that I have soooo many unpublished designs with a fellow designer, and she nudged me to publish this one. And voila!


I overcame the holiday-only idea and reknit this one in the chartreuse, again adding beads for fun and a little bling (but they are completely optional.) And now I would really love to find the time to work this up again in a fall color for my Thanksgiving table.


This pattern is written for DK cotton yarn, but there is no reason that other fibers and weights can’t be used. Test knitters adjusted the number of repeats to vary the length and used different weights of yarn to suit the needs of their homes, and they were all super pleased with their results. The width, unfortunately, is not easily customizable, but can be controlled by gauge and yarn weight. All the details are listed here.

I am also super pleased with my new and bright chartreuse runner. I hosted Knit Knite earlier this month and my local yarnies all approved wholeheartedly! So if you are looking for a relatively quick knit to dress up a table or piano or _____ (you fill in the blank!!), give Union a try. The pattern is written and charted; the lace section requires some concentration, but the end result is sure to please. All of your non-knitting friends will be blown away and jealous! (PS. This would make a great gift, too!)

It’s always fun to complete and present a project. So what is on the needles now? Here is a sneak peek. Think father/son….

20150818_135804_resizedHappy Stitching!!




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