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" If you can make it, you can wear it."

Those were tempting words for a sick-of-school-uniforms elementary school girl. One boxy navy blue vest erupted on my needles and I proudly wore it with my uniform. Humble beginnings! Not much notable knitting occurred in the next few years. As a new Mom, I purchased a hand knit sweater and hat set for my toddler in an artisan shop, got it home, and decided I could have done it myself. And I haven't put the needles down since.

"If you learn to crochet, you can have the job."

After moving to a new city, I responded to a job posting that asked, Do you Knit and Crochet? I sailed through the math and proofreading tests and left the interview armed with instructions to teach myself to crochet. A month later, I presented thread snowflakes and a stuffed pig as evidence that I had mastered the basics and started work as a knit and crochet instruction writer. Soon after came a promotion to tech editor, new writer trainer, and finally managing editor for a crochet book series. Eventually, designing became part of the job.

The years that followed brought more moves and the demands of an active family, but I have continued to design knit and crochet plus tech edit as a contractor and freelancer. You can find my designs in publications including Interweave Knits, I Like Knitting, I Like Crochet, Knitting Calendar, Petite Purls, Leisure Arts, American School of Needlework, Plaid, and 101 Little One-Skein Wonders. In addition, my self-published designs are available on Ravelry, Bluprint (formerly Craftsy), Knit Picks, Patternfish, Love Knitting, and Etsy.

One thing, I think, that separates me from other designers and tech editors is that I learned to write, size/grade and proof patterns before I began designing. I believe this gives me a different perspective in that I am keenly aware of how to explain a technique leaving the least room for misinterpretation.

If you are interested in my tech editing services, don't hesitate to contact me.