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After a week of vacation, I came home to find my copy of 101 One-Skein Wonders for Babies waiting in the otherwise boring stack of mail. Impeccable timing! Of course I first flipped to my pattern: Pop-Top Mittens. Look! There they are on page 184 in all their purple goodness!

purple mitts
©Geneve Hoffman Photography

The photographed mittens are a size 4, but the instructions include sizes 2 to 10 and are easily customized for kiddos “on-the-grow”. You may find that you can knit more than one pair from many 100 gram skeins or you may only need a 50 gram skein for the smallest sizes. Reality check — it’s nice to have enough yarn left over to make a replacement in case one mitten gets lost!

Did I mention that I vacationed with with my toddler grandson and his parents? I handed off the book to my non-knitter ‘Modern Mom’ daughter to see what she had to say… there were lots of “OMGs”, “Look how cute!”, “Oh honey, we need to have a girl next time!”, and “Oh, I love this!”

So, the book looked like this when I handed it to her…


I asked her to flag her favorites. And this is what I got back — look closely at all the little flags across the top and right side! I may never sleep.


There is truly something in this book for every baby and for knitters of every skill level. The photography is beautiful, and the instructions and charts are clear. I am proud to have my design included with so many other winners! I am certain that I will refer to this book time and time again for baby gifts. You can never go wrong with a handmade baby gift, and this book covers the little ones from head to toe and has patterns for blankets, toys, and other goodies, too! Even if you are not a knitter, this book would make a great gift to friends who like to knit for babies. No excuses, it’s available online and at local book stores!

Happy Stitching!

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